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Bake with a Legend

I am always looking for opportunities to increase my baking knowledge and practice my skills in the kitchen. When Christmas came around, my husband and I skipped the guessing game altogether and just asked each other what we actually wanted this year. His gift to me was to take a course through Bake with a Legend - it's a way to do a baking course online with a past cast member of The Great British Bake Off! The class I took was to make a GÂTEAU SAINT HONORÉ cake, and I had such a great time!

So this dessert is one was named for the patron saint of baking (did you know there was such a thing?) and it involves basically five main components: puff pastry, crème Chiboust, choux pastry, caramel, and crème Chantilly. Luckily, through my yearlong baking adventures I had made at least three of the components before and the other two were similar to other components I had made before. I also learned some new techniques and loved doing the course with Dan Beasley-Harling. He is a great teacher and is so funny and helpful.

The first step to this dessert is making choux buns with craquelin. Choux buns are also known as cream puffs when filled with cream, the dough is used for eclairs, and they are the main components of a croque en bouche. Here are my little buns before going into the oven. Aren't they cute?

After making those, you make a puff pastry base and pipe the rest of your choux pastry around the edge so that you can layer the components at the end.

Then, we turned our attention to caramel and dipping each little choux bun into it to make a shiny and delicious finish.

Assembly involved piling the crème Chiboust onto the base and lining the buns into a circle around it. Finally we finished with the crème Chantilly all around for decoration and a little more sweetness. Yum!

I give the baking online experience a 10/10 and would totally do another course with Bake with a Legend. So if you're looking for something cool to try, check them out!

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