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Baking with Pride

This month, I had the pleasure and honor of supporting a local organization while testing out a recipe I've had on my list to try for a while. For the Color Fairhope with Pride event, which is hosted by Prism United Fairhope, I made a white chocolate babka and took the opportunity to make it a rainbow babka in honor of pride. Additionally, I included it in their silent auction along with a voucher for a baking class for up to four people.

Babka is a very light bread that usually has some kind of nut or chocolate filling. The texture is unlike any other yeasted creation I've made. It's even better than king cake! (Can't believe I'm admitting that!) For this version, I took my cues from the recipe in Claire Saffitz's Dessert Person and this lovely recipe from Buttermilk by Sam. I did a version with a hazelnut spread, but wasn't happy with the results, so my final version used cashew butter combined with white chocolate to make the filling.

One of the best parts about the recipe is that it makes two loaves! So we had one for auction and one to share. I will definitely be making this again in the future. Maybe a Fourth of July version? Or Christmas? Or Mardi Gras? The possibilities are endless...

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