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Sharing baking with teens!

This past fall, I was lucky enough to continue teaching some baking classes, this time with teens. The best part about this age group (which I know can be challenging) is their willingness to try new things.

First, I worked with the lovely young ladies of Flourish, which a community organization that works with young teen girls on personal development, skills classes, and career training. It is a fantastic organization that deserves our support!

We did a crepes class, and they had a great time. We learned how to read a recipe, about kitchen safety, and proper crepe making techniques. Probably their favorite part was eating them, of course!

Later in the fall I taught a similar class for the teens at the Fairhope Public Library. This group was more diverse, but all of them got to have some experience making crepes also. I am hoping to come up with some more great ideas for classes and share with these kids again!

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